Our thisises was completed under the COVID-19 pandemic. With the pandemic came limitations to  interactive in physical space.  The traditional exhibition was put aside and we therefore decided to join what we consider to be the greatest exhibition of all times, the Internett. 


We are Nils Ställborn and Marthe Kulseth,  graduating students at Konstfack University of  arts, crafts and design, at the department of Interior Architecture and Furniture design. Nils is graduating from the Bachelor program and Marthe the master program in Spatial Design.  Our collaboration began in  the Autumn of 2016 in our second year bachelor.  


During a coffee break in The beginning of a collaboration we created the term Poststandardization. We  unintentionally described the phenomenon of standardization as a historical and contemporary tendency to standardize. We rephrase the term as an era and we start discussing the potential in a post era. 

We will not propose new standards, we will go beyond the standards.  To see beyond the framework of the standard is to recognize the limitation of the system. We know that everything cannot be measured. We value the importance of non-measurable things. 

We are critical to the uniformity that comes with standards and therefore we propose material diversity to work against uniformity. We aim to spread the insight of poststandardization to enable the world to go beyond the standard.